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Kristy Hardy


Kristi & Chad Hardy

Ministry name/ organization you are connected with: Kristi’s Ministries: EFCA ReachGlobal Camps & GlobalFingerprints

Location: Baxter, MN & Austria

Background: Growing up, my family lived and worked at Camp Jim. I knew since a young age that I wanted to be involved with camping ministry and missions. What called me to Austria specifically was hearing Herb share about English Camps at the Fall Fling in 1995 at Camp Shamineau. I heard God say, "I want you to go!" That night, in my Bible I read Isaiah: "Here I am Lord, Send me." I knew that I was supposed to go and I’ve been involved with the camps for 23 years now. Six years ago, I was approached by the EFCA home office about GlobalFingerprints.

Ministry highlights from 2016:
GlobalFingerprints: It is a sponsorship program for orphans in Congo, Congo-Tabitha, India, Haiti, Liberia, Indonesia, Zambia and the 3 newest launches were: Lebanon, Myanmar and Panama. We now have 2890 orphans enrolled in the sponsorship program! We were able to add 239 orphans this past year. There was a boy in Congo named Kongba. He had a fungus growing all over his body and had been stabbed in the eye and was full of infection. Naomi met him in Congo and on her last day there, the workers decided Kongba needed new clothes. When he appeared in his new clothes, she couldn’t believe what she saw… he was wearing an outfit she had donated that had been her son’s favorite. That day she signed up to sponsor him. He now has medical care, has a new eye, is enrolled in school, has food and shelter each day and learning about Jesus.

ReachGlobal Camps: Austria camps: Our week was filled with English lessons, Bible studies, fun activities (hiking, swimming and American games) and chapel with worship time, skits, testimonies and a speaker. Most don’t know any other Christians in their schools so at our camps it really gives them time to grow and stay strong in their faith, to be encouraged and have fun. Our camps also impacts our team members. Some keep coming back year after year or realize God has called him/her into short-term or long-term missions.

2017-2018 Ministry Goals:
1. This spring, continue to help our teams raise their support needed for Austria camps. I will be going July 5-16, 2017 to help lead.
2. This fall through summer 2018: start planning our 2018 Austria camps, recruit, and help teams raise support. I will also travel to our camps.
3. I will continue to work with GlobalFingerprints, contacting people regarding support, keeping up with the data base and help set up new sponsors.
4. To increase my monthly support needed.

Specific Prayer Requests:
ReachGlobal Camps:
Pray for our upcoming Austria English Camps July 3-24, 2017. Pray for both teams as they raise their support, for good team unity, safety and an impacting experience for them. Pray that the camps will fill up and for the campers who will hear about Christ for the 1st time that they will be open and respond. Pray for the believers to be encouraged and grow in their faith and for the campers to have fun. Pray that, after camps are done, the new young believers will be grounded in their faith, especially during school and when they are back with their friends.

Pray for the 141 orphans that need new sponsors. Pray for our new countries added: Lebanon, Myanmar and Panama and for prospective countries. Pray for me as I set up and follow-up with sponsors, working with a database that currently consists of 3,192 sponsors and growing.

Family Life:
Chad and I have been married for 9 years and we have 2 daughters- Emily is 7 years old and Ava is 3 years old. Please pray as I go to Austria, July 5-16th, 2017 to help lead camps. Pray as I need to raise another $500 a month to reach my needed support levels.

Comments: I love all the ministries I am involved with and wouldn’t be able to do any of this without all the support of you, The Log Church, my other supporting churches and friends/family! Just know that there is so much fruit being planted right now.