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A Safe Place to Know, Love & Follow Jesus.


The Log Church37218 County Road 66
Crosslake, MN 56442



Phone: 218-692-4141



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About Us

We exist to be empowered by the Spirit to love God passionately and extend Christ's love joyfully to all people. We envision that when we are fulfilling this mission we will be a: 


We are a church that is a dynamic community of believers, who authentically care for one another's souls and lives. We are striving to be the kind of church that is at peace with one another, and that genuinely cares for the lost. All of this is demonstrated through tangible acts of kindness and love in our public and private lives.


We acknowledge that it is only through the power of the Holy Spirit that anything of value is accomplished through this ministry. Therefore, we are striving to be a church that seeks the wisdom and power of Christ, first through prayer and then prayerful action.


We are a church of people who hunger to know God through His Word, believing that the Word of God changes people. Therefore, it is our aim to not only study God's Word, love God's Word, and know God's Word, but to live out God's Word in action. This includes the ongoing work of sharing God's Word with others.


We are a church that is passionate about leading lost people to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We desire to be a church that lives the gospel, loves the gospel, and shares the gospel with a lost world that desperately needs Christ.


We desire to know, value, use and respect the spiritual gifts that God has given to each of us. We acknowledge that God has designed us to serve Him by serving others. We are learning the joy of helping others to know the grace and love of Christ through simple acts of loving kindness.


We are a church that is led by servants; men and women who have a calling from God to lead the church by serving it with grace, wisdom, and spiritual maturity. Therefore, we are constantly seeking to raise up godly leaders who are passionate about Christ, intentional about unity, marked by grace, deliberate about prayer, loving towards people, humble of heart, committed to obeying the Word of God, and courageous about advancing the gospel.


We are a church that finds joy in worshipping together, and that seeks to exalt Christ with life giving praise, prayer, and preaching. We recognize that it is through worship that we find redemption, and our souls and relationships find renewal. Our worship is characterized by passion, authenticity, devotion to the Word of God, and the centrality of Christ. In our worship Christ is exalted, and believers are encouraged toward Christ like living. 

We also adhere to the EFCA Statement of Faith